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If you are interested in our competitive team and you want to figure out if The Edge Dance Company at JCEDA is right for you, please give us a call! We would love to set up a meeting with you where you can chat with Julie about your dancer's goals and decide if our studio is right for you. We would also welcome you to come to try out a class!

We have groups at almost every age level. This past year we had the following competitive groups:

Little Jewels – Tap (ages 5-7)

Pearls Jazz (ages 8-9)

Pearls Hip Hop (ages 7-9)

Sapphire Tap (ages 8-12)

Sapphire Jazz (ages 9-12)

Emeralds Hip Hop (ages 9-12)

Emeralds Tap (ages 9-10)

Emeralds Jazz (ages 9-13)

Rubies Hip Hop (ages 11-14)

Rubies Tap (ages 11-16)

Diamonds Jazz (ages 11-17)

Diamonds Hip Hop (ages 15-17)

Diamonds Tap (ages 14-17)

Pearls Lyrical (ages 8-9)

Large Group Hip Hop (ages 11-17)

Emeralds Lyrical (ages 9-12)

Emeralds Musical Theatre (ages 9-13)

Diamonds Lyrical (ages 11-17)

Diamonds Musical Theatre (ages 11-17)

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