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JCEDA & Covid-19

Keeping your dancer safe while they learn and have fun!

JCEDA is following the governor's current regulations in regards to safety and sanitation for recreational/exercise classes. Here is just SOME of what we are doing to keep you and your dancer safe: students wait in the lobby 6ft apart on marked spots on the floor, dance floors are sanitized between classes with approved Covid-19 sanitizer, the dance studio has been divided into 6ft spots with tape where the dancers stay during class, dancers are also assigned these spots to ensure they are staggered (which creates more than 6ft of space in most situations), and personal ballet bar covers are assigned per student and are sanitized before and after class. Many classes are offered on Zoom alongside the in-studio classes in case coming to an in-studio class just isn't the right choice for your family. 

Masks are required for the dancers at all times when inside the building. If your dancer cannot wear a mask due to health reasons, please let us know and we can discuss 100% virtual options. 

Parents are currently welcome in the studio to come watch their dancers! We ask that just one family member be in the studio at a time. Everyone must wear a mask at all times and santize hands upon entry.

All dancers must have a Covid-19 waiver signed and on-file with JCEDA.

Please - if you or anyone in your family has been sick in the last two weeks, stay home. 

(that's why we have the Zoom classes and we hope to see you there!)

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